July 20, 2018

July 20, 2018

BGC Against Bullying

Who would’ve known social media could be a feeding ground for bullying?

When most people think of being bullied or the term bullying they think of in person, contact to contact. But these days the biggest form of bullying is cyber bullying!
Social media is the place where we present our perfectly edited views of ourselves to the world – the perfect vacation photos, training, flexibility, selfies, friends, talents, and the latest updates on our remarkable lives and/or accomplishments. Nothing could possibly go wrong!Right?


Wrong! Someone is always there is to call you names, judge you, criticize you… you know basically being a cyberbully! Another word for this person is a “online troll” this is – someone who trashes your abilities, calls you names and tries to pick a fight with you online– you have a pretty good idea of what could go wrong anytime you post something online, and it sucks because I have many friends who have left social media entirely when the threats and the name-calling became too much.


I haven’t experienced being cyber bullied as much as most. But time to time I get someone to say mean things because I may post progression video to show me working on my craft. But it sucks when one comes for you based on your skin color. I believe having BGC made more people say why, “y’all trying to change cheer?”. And it’s not about changing it, it’s about us being noticed.
However, we can not continue to let what others do or say effect us. As nothing we’re doing is wrong, but since that person is miserable, they want you to be miserable as well!!!


So my question is how can we help one another stay safe, and make a change?

As we beginning to grow with BGC and our own individual brands began to take off… more than likely we will fall victim to cyber bulling if we haven’t already! I think we should come up with a hashtag & or term we all use at “BGC” to show we will not stand for it, as we’re not alone and we stand together!


Kacee Holmes 🙂
BGC Champion 2018-19’
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