BGC’s Impact on Charlottesville

This morning I woke up with a grateful heart because yesterday was a big day for BGC.  There were a lot of spirit brands that announced the models, ambassadors, and representatives chosen for their company.  It was apparent that there was a lot more inclusivity and diversity. Brands are now selecting more diverse ambassadors to represent them and it’s apparent more BGCs are actually applying to represent these brands. I truly believe that we are seeing the manifestation of the impact of the BGC movement. Way to go BGC!





While my heart was filled with joy it is also filled with pain and sadness.




Today, when I turn on the television, I witness the chaos, madness, hurt, hate, and pain that is going on in Charlottesville.  I am quickly reminded that there is still a lot of work to be done.  What we are doing in BGC is on the micro level and is imperatively needed on the macro level. BGC is an illustration and demonstration of the unity, equity, advocacy, brotherhood, sisterhood, and love that is needed in the world.

I founded BGC two years ago but it wasn’t until this week that I truly understood what BGC is.  I get the purpose now.  I understand and see the bigger picture.  BGC is here as a demonstration to the world of what is possible.  The camaraderie unity, celebration, and support within the BGC community is the example the world at large needs.



Although I am joyful and extremely elated by the progress we've made I know there is more work to be done, more love to be given, more prayers to be said.



Join me BGC as we go to the next level. Join me as we go deeper, as we step into the abyss to heal ourselves and become individually and then collectively the light the world needs.  Will you join me? Will you stand?  What should our next steps be? Comment below. I can’t wait to hear from you.


Sharita Lawson, PhD

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