Tumbling Is Important

Tumbling Is Important



No matter what spot your cheerleader is in, tumbling is important to not only the team, but also the individual cheerleader. It helps builds confidence and is an essential skill.


Tumbling covers half the scoresheet during competitions.
There are certain skills at each level that a cheerleader must perform to score in a range, and a certain % of the team needs to perform the skill at the same time.


This works well, because a cheerleader can be an excellent backspot, base, or flyer, but they still need time to improve on tumbling. This allows some cheerleaders to have extra time to gain the tumbling skill needed for that level of competition.


Are privates necessary? Not necessary – it all depends on cheerleader’s goals. At some gyms, it is not encouraged unless the cheerleader has a certain issue or block on a skill. Effort is an important part of tumbling; what goes in is what comes out. Of course, the more time and effort that is put into an area – be it tumbling, stunting, conditioning, or flexibility – the more there will be improvement.

What else can a cheerleader do to help? The cheerleader can do at-home ab workouts. This will not only help with tumbling but also with jumps and stunting. Your cheerleader also needs to have a positive attitude toward learning and attaining skills.


Parents: how can you support this? Continue to be supportive and encouraging. Don’t push too hard, and keep in contact with the coach(es) of your team.


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Tumbling is important. Tumbling is important. Tumbling is important.

Larissa Trapp

Larissa was born and raised in Colorado and now resides in South Carolina. She is a wife and a mother of 3 daughters. One of the daughters is an Allstar cheerleader for 6 years. She has a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and is the author of Cheer Tips 101.


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