From Gymnastics to Cheer

From Gymnastics to Cheer

I always told myself I would never be a cheerleader because as a gymnast I never really saw cheer as a sport, but that’s only because I never saw the competitive side of cheer. Transitioning from gymnastics to cheerleading was one of the most challenging things that I have ever done because I had to re-learn all of the technique from the beginning. When I first started school cheer in 10th grade I felt like it was the worst decision ever because I didn’t know how to do anything and the kids on the team would always yell at me because my technique in tumbling was different and i didn’t even know how to base a half.

That same year I had quit because I was really upset about letting my cheer team down by not knowing how to do anything, at that point I wasn’t in gymnastics OR cheer. Then I had to come to the realization and ask myself “is gymnastics really for me? “ I thought long and hard about it and I realized that it wasn’t. I had did gymnastics for 13 years and I was getting tired of the same stuff over and over again, so I gave cheer a shot again but this time I tried all-star cheer because my friend said i have a great personality for it.

I sat down with my mom and we had a long talk about it and how I needed to put my 110% effort into it and she made me promise I would. I now cheer on a level 5 worlds team at Zero Gravity Athletics and I also cheer on my competition cheer team at school. Without the support of my mom and having good friends I don’t think I would be cheering today. I am very grateful to be able to cheer and I hope one day I can inspire other kids to not give up on their dreams!

Sharita Richardson

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