1+1: Vision + Provision

1+1: Vision + Provision

Disclaimer: I know this is not a cheer video and I am aware that she isn’t Black. Stick with me.

The first time I was introduced to the video of the beautiful Autumn Miller dancing to Beyonce’s 1+1 was about a week ago, in my home, while I was with my daughter Marci. At the time I was watching another program on television while Marci, who is usually dancing or watching someone else dance online, attempted to share the video with me. I was distracted by the program I was watching therefore I only took a brief glance at the video. About a week later the video resurfaced on my timeline. This time I watched it because I recognized it as the same video that Marci had previously attempted to share with me. This time I took a closer look. It was hard to deny the beauty and poise and grace of the main dancer. Her straddle drop and jetes were absolutely breathtaking. Being a former dancer myself I appreciate all types of dance. Although she was an undeniably great dancer my eyes were drawn to the man behind her, who I assumed to be the instructor/choreographer. I later learned that he was the world renowned choreographer Mark Meismer. His zeal, excitement and joy captivated me, if not as much, more than the dancer. As he marked the routine and danced with her as she performed it full out, it was evident that he knew the piece just as well, if not better than she did. You could even see his body movements and facial expressions as he anticipated her next move. I was drawn to him.


I posted the video in the Black Girl’s Cheers FB group as a dedication to the coaches and choreographers who, like Mark, support our girls. The video received positive feedback as I thought it would. I thought that was the of my journey with the video. Boy was I wrong. It wasn’t until the next day, when my phone died after I had a long, intensive conversation with one of my girlfriends, that I had a moment of silence with myself, I pulled out my laptop and there again I saw the video. As I watched the video over and over again, my heart began to open, and the tears began to roll. I played it again in an attempt to get an understanding of the emotions that I was feeling. About the third or fourth time I realized what the real lesson was for me.


As I watched the choreographer and the dancer I realized they were a reflection of me and a representation of the vision that I hold in my heart, the vision that I can see in my mind. What I really was seeing was a choreographer/coach/teacher who had a vision that he gave to the dancer, is protégé, his student. And although he wasn’t able to execute it in the matter in which she did, she took his vision and manifested in a way that was probably exceeding, abundantly above what he asked for or even thought and he was just as excited. She held his vision with so much passion and care. His excitement was in seeing it come alive. Seeing it living and breathing right before his eyes. A vision that once only lived in his head was now right before him. He was standing right in front of the thing he spent nights dreaming of. Even though he wasn’t the one to physically do it, he was the one that “did it.” Another revelation was that he did not have to be the one upfront; he didn’t have to be the one that was center stage. Although Autumn was the center focus, the main character, he was just as much a part of it and he was just as excited as if it was him. They were one, they were connected through the vision, therefore the one who executed it wasn’t relevant.


I realized that there is a vision that that I have held in my heart, a vision that I have believed in so strongly that, like Mark, I have been fortunate enough to have others support me in manifesting it beyond what I could ask for or think. This week I will travel to Chicago to take a sneak peek at the BGC Documentary. How excited I am! Just the thought of where BGC has come and where we are going brings tears to my eyes. I am so grateful for vehicles that were sent for the vision to manifest. I am grateful for Mark Biondi and everyone at Double Good, Ben Vogel and Morgan Carnevale at Home Alone Studios for beginning my dancers. I am thankful for being allowed to dream a dream that on some days I did not know how I would ever manifest it. What I know for sure is that “where there is vision, there is provision.” So never stop dreaming, even when you think you do not have the skills, the means, the resources, or the talent. Just continue to trust that everything you need will be provided, so get ready!

What is your vision?

Check out the video for yourself


Sharita Richardson

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