Finding your Drive

Finding your Drive

How do you find the drive to keep pushing? As you get older in a sport like cheer it’s hard to find the drive to continue to go to the gym and push yourself. Getting older is great, it brings maturity and fun but it also brings distractions. Aging brings high school, parties, and even boys. It can be tricky balancing social life and my cheer life. When I started high school the new experiences were so fun that sometimes I wouldn’t want to go to practice, which has never been an issue of mine.


I would often find myself thinking,

I wish I could be a normal kid.


Reality is I was a 14 year old that had been throwing doubles since the age of 9. During this year I began to not go to the gym as much and lose sight of my priorities. It also didn’t help that I really didn’t have a connection with my cheer gym. I would always have an excuse as to why I didn’t want to go tumble. One day I wouldn’t “feel good” and the next I would be “too tired”. These excuses were holding me back from my full potential. It took me to realize one day that my gift would be wasted, if I didn’t put it to good use. Now I am balancing my social and athletic life, so I can do what’s best for me and my goals. I also keep in mind, it doesn’t matter if my gym isn’t invested in me as an athlete. I can’t allow any distraction to get in the way of my personal goals. All I needed was the mindset that high school fun will come and go, people will either believe or not believe in me, but success will last forever.


~Blessyn McMorris

IG: @Blessymo_01

Sharita Richardson

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