Trust the Process

Trust the Process


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. TRYOUTS! Everyone is excited for team reveals and callbacks. For most people it is a very happy time BUT for some it is a time of difficulty and sadness because they did not make the level that they were hoping. Here is a little bit about myself! I was an extremely shy little girl so my mother signed me up for cheerleading to help me out. I started cheering with KLM Cougars (Rec/Tiny 1) at the age of 5. Although I wanted to do all star, my mother wanted to make sure that I wanted to stick to cheer, so I cheered with KLM for another year. The second year, I showed my mother that I had a passion for cheer. I did my conditioning routine and stretched daily. I even taught myself how to do a back walker! My mother saw how serious I was, so she let me try out for an all-star team. I was so excited. I cheered for Mini Level 1 and Junior Level 2. The next year, I switched to a new team and cheered for Junior Level 1. The year after that, I cheered for Youth Level 2. This year I cheered for MCC All-stars Reign, which is Youth Level 3. When I got my callback a few weeks ago, I was on Youth Level 3 again, even though I have most of my level 4 skills. However, I was so happy because I get to perfect level 3 stunting and be with my teammates that are my age. The coaches have to take into consideration everyone’s age, skill level, and ability. Therefore, we have to trust the process!  



~Michaela Parker

IG: @Michaela_Show

Sharita Richardson

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