Use Your No to Grow

Use Your No to Grow

I don’t think that anyone likes to be told no…especially not me. My journey in cheer, modeling, and acting has taught me so much about the word no. In cheer sometimes no means you are not ready for that level or you didn’t win that competition. In modeling and acting there are way more no’s than yes’. That is OK! That was not your opportunity. Those no’s get you ready for what IS for you. The right level of cheer where you are comfortable and can push yourself to get ready for the next year. The competition that teaches your team that you have work to do. The audition for a role that was not right but introduced you to someone who would remember you for a role that was perfect. My Mom always says that, “God answers all prayers but sometimes
the answer is no.”


Use the no to grow and be ready to glow.

~Mariah Bozeman 

IG: @TheOnlyRyah

Sharita Richardson

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