Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

          For the 2017-2018 competition season, I made a switch. Same gym name, just a different location. As a result of my switch, I ended up on a team that was already together the season before and I was unable to do what I was used to doing, be a flyer. So during that competition season, I worked really hard to master my level 3 skills. I figured if I can’t fly, I might as well get to the next level.  After all my hard work and showcasing my new skills, I just knew I   was going to make a level 3 team. 



Then I waited what seemed so long for tryout results to be posted. I scrolled to Y3 and didn’t see my name, then scrolled to J3 and still didn’t see my name. I went to Y2 and there my name was.


This must be a mistake.


I was very upset and asked my mom why they would do that to me when I worked so hard for these new skills. My mom called the coach for me and scheduled a meeting so that I could have a talk with them to ask questions myself. 



During the meeting, the coach was very honest with me. I was placed back on Y2 because he knew I wanted to fly and he wanted to give me the chance to do it. My coach said that although I have all the level 3 skills, he did not want me to be on a team where I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I would not be able to fly level 3 with returning flyers and I haven’t been a base since I was a tiny. My coach knew that the best fit for me as an athlete was to be back on Y2. He told me to think about. Although my coach was willing to move me up to Y3, I knew I would be bored not having a place 



Over the next 2 days I thought about it and talked with my mom. She told me that whatever would make me happy she would support it. In the end, I chose Y2 and I’m happy with my decision. I get to do what I love and that’s to fly. I love my position on the team and I’m soaking it up this season! I continue to work hard and showcase my skills. Sometimes it’s not about levels. You can make a higher level and do nothing which is boring to me, or stay back a level master a skill to prepare you for the next level up. 



~Nyel Galvez

IG: @Nyel_Ayanna

Sharita Richardson

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