Staying Strong When Everything Goes Wrong

Staying Strong When Everything Goes Wrong

When cheering, it is easy to become discouraged. Especially when it comes to trying a new tumble pass or even trying elite stunts with a new group at a pivotal point in the season. Never get to stressed, just remember that you have all of your teammates and coaches, and that you aren’t alone.


Cheerleading is not an individual sport. You have
teammates. Take advantage of having friends that understand you.



It can also become easy to forget why we cheer. Do not let cheer become a place where you go to stress. It should be the complete opposite for you. Always remember that we cheer because we love it and it should be a place that makes you happy.



When big competitions approach, it can be intimidating and even scary. Just remember to always have fun and do what you love. Cheer is not a job or obligation but a commitment that you make because you truly find joy in it. The negative and intimidating thoughts only come from a desire to succeed so badly that you almost do the opposite. Always let your desire of winning overcome your fear of failing. While we are nearing the end of the season, finish this one out strong. Go into your last competitions standing strong. Confidence is the key to success but pride is the gateway to inadequacy.


Always remember to stay strong when everything goes wrong.


~Kacie Elizabeth

IG: @CEA_Kacie

Sharita Richardson

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