A Note Regarding Dr. Sharita Mathis Richardson

A Note Regarding Dr. Sharita Mathis Richardson

In the spirit of the transparency that Black Girls Cheer was built upon, the Black Girls Cheer team would like to address some recent developments with our founder, Dr. Sharita Mathis Richardson. Sharita is currently in federal confinement and is serving out a sentence handed down by federal authorities.


As I’m sure most can imagine, these circumstances are a challenge from both a professional and, for many of us, a very personal standpoint. Sharita is first and foremost a human being, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. As such, we understand the impact that these circumstances have on her family and elect to extend the same grace that she has so frequently given others.


Sharita has advocated and fought many a battle for the equitable representation of black girls that cheer both publicly and privately. This platform was founded upon the tenet that black girls deserve a voice in this sport and this has largely been a labor of love for all who are actively at work behind the scenes. 


As has been the case over the last few months, the business of Black Girls Cheer will press forward in alignment with the vision of Dr. Richardson. Even in her physical absence, Sharita has ensured that this vital work and dialogue continues. We understand that this news may be jarring for many and recognize that there will be a wide range of emotions associated with the knowledge of these circumstances.


We also know that there are likely many questions that you may have in light of this information. In keeping with our foundational principle of giving voice and visibility to black girls and women, we feel it best to have Sharita share her own story, in her own voice, and her own words.


Click Here for a message to the BGC community from our founder, Dr. Sharita Mathis Richardson.


We send our love, prayers, and well wishes to Sharita and her family.


If you have any business or partnership inquiries, please direct them to info@blackgirlscheer.com.

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    December 8, 2022