Dirty hair will hold the hair ties better

– Hair Bow Security

Quick Tip: Hair Bow Security

The one tip we are going to cover was one that was mentioned in the BCG Facebook group. A mom asked about the best way to keep the hair bows in the hair during competition. The way she was keeping it in was with the use of zip ties. There were a couple of people that offered tips on what they do to keep the bows secure.

Tips to keep the bow secured:
Cut the hair tie bow and tie it around the ponytail
Wrap extra hair ties around the bow hair tie
Add bobby pins
If the hair is fine. Don’t wash it before the competition. (Dirty hair will hold the hair ties better)
Spray the hair tie the with hairspray before wrapping the ponytail




Once the bow is in have the cheerleader shake her head to see if it stays in



These tips can be combined for more security.

Larissa Trapp

Larissa was born and raised in Colorado and now resides in South Carolina. She is a wife and a mother of 3 daughters. One of the daughters is an Allstar cheerleader for 6 years. She has a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and is the author of Cheer Tips 101.